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Different kinds of structures have varying roofing requirements since all of them have different purposes whether they be for residential, commercial, or industrial use. Residential Roofing must suffice to cover a structure that will house humans in all kinds of weather.

It’s imperative to stress the significance of weather when it comes to residential roofing as it’s often the major reason why roofing gets damaged or destroyed.

Couldn’t stress more that we’re talking about looking for residential roofing contractors in Wichita Falls that is situated in the State of Texas. Today, let’s talk about residential roofing and even if you’re not from Wichita Falls, you’ll still learn from this so check this out!

What are the Types of Residential Roofs?

North American Continent is a vast landmass having a wide variety of weather conditions from very humid hot south to icy places of northern Continental United States. With this in mind, Americans have their own preferred materials and kind of roofing that is suitable to the climate.

Aside from the materials, types of roofing can be classified in different ways it is installed. Before we explore different types of residential roofing, let’s first check what this kind of roofing is all about.

What is Residential Roofing?

Residential structures are building suited for human dwelling meaning, people will typically stay there for a longer period of time as their shelter. Typically, a residential building would have around a maximum of 3-storey as more that than could be considered an apartment building which has a different structure and typically is of mixed zoning use.

Contrary to commercial and industrial buildings, homes tend to have a higher pitch and lesser roof openings where, aside from chimneys, normally following the roof pitch. One reason being is that most of the residential buildings are designed for a horizontal expansion especially in places with a large portion of land like the Continental US so this means, a roof drainage system is not as complicated as for a mid-rise and high-rise apartments and commercial establishments.

What is the Most Common Type of Residential Roof?

Primarily, the residential roof should be sufficient enough to cover the head of the residents against rain or snow and to keep the house insulated against heat. Aside from that, the roof should be well installed on the house that it can withstand normal wear-and-tear and other natural phenomena especially that Wichita Falls is situated in the State where most tropical cyclones passes-by.

The following are common types of residential roofing here in the United State on which Texans are usually opting when it comes to roofing of their choice for their homes.

  • Asphalt Shingles

    One common roofing that can be found in Wichita Falls is Asphalt Shingles. As the name says, these shingles that are typically rectangular in shape are made of asphalt or also called Bitumen. Asphalt is primarily used in roadworks is petroleum-based with a mixture of concrete and other ground indigenous rock.

    What made it a preferable choice is it’s being economical, its ease of installation, and the longevity of this kind of roofing which typically lasts for 15-20 years whether it be subject to extreme heat or extreme cold which is a common occurrence in Wichita Falls.

  • Cedar Roofing

    Wood roofing might seem to be primitive but in some areas here in the USA, this is an ideal choice as it is resistant to UV Damage and can withstand extremely hot weather conditions. It also does not require a high level of skill with knowledge on Carpentry can be enough for one to install cedar roofing. However, some drawbacks include its susceptibility to fire and termites.

  • Ceramic Roofing

    Fire and heat resistant, stylish, and fade-proof, ceramic roofing is one of the preferred options by America Homeowners. Not only that it brings an Iberian feels to the house, but it also is helpful to keep the house cool. Durability is also a consideration as this kind of roofing lasts for 50-70 years.

    The only setback is that ceramics are fragile and require care upon installation and are prone to erosion as ceramics are often made of clay bricks so these getting wet blown by wind significantly affects their lifespan.

  • Metal Sheets

    Galvanized Iron sheets are typical metal roofing not only in the Americas but probably everywhere else in the world. This could be the cheapest option and would require minimal maintenance with only a good anti-rust and heat-resistant elastomeric paint and proper placement of sealants will do in keeping this kind of roofing intact and your home protected over all kinds of weather conditions.

    While it’s a cheaper option, this kind of roofing is more susceptible to leaks and rusting that shortens the lifespan of the material used given the rainfalls are more likely to happen in Wichita Falls.

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

Materials, Project Scale, and Manpower are the main factors to consider in estimating the cost of roof construction. gives an estimated average of $7,100 for a new roofing installation in Wichita Falls, TX. Labor costs around $13.00 per hour on average on skilled workers that will install your roofing and the materials roughly cost around $5 to $6 per square feet of the project area for a brand new one.

Repairs could range around $800 – $1200 depending on the degree and scale of the repair works.

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