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Probably one of the most densely crowded places in the city would be the commercial centers in Wichita Falls where shoppers and people hanging around all gather. Commercial buildings come in all heights and shapes – yes, even weird shapes. This is what makes commercial roofing extra special.

What does Commercial Roofing Means?

As the name itself, commercial establishments are the place of commerce and trade where the purchase of goods or services happen and they come in all sort of shapes and sizes on which it determines how the roofing shall be done and this is called commercial roofing. From conventional to eco-friendly to aesthetic styles, commercial roofing has a wide spectrum to choose from.

What is the Difference between Commercial and Residential Roofing?

Residential houses are meant for human dwelling and usually of high pitch and to protect the household against ugly weather. While this is the same goal of commercial roofing, the scale of roof construction differs greatly between a residential and commercial building.

The commercial establishment is usually of a larger scale compared to residential housing and has different demands on the structural aspect of the building. Some are the considerations for buildings that are usually not accounted for in residential housing construction:

  • Building Height

    Commercial establishments are often high-rises such as office buildings, hotels with shopping centers, and mall complexes. It can be noticed that most of the buildings in Wichita Falls that are for commercial use are mid-rise structures. These kinds of buildings have different drainage system designs that aren’t implanted or considered on usual residential houses of small scale.

  • Architecture

    While there exist those state-of-the-art luxury homes, residential architecture is quite different when it comes to commercial buildings even in the same context. Although establishments in Wichita Falls, TX are of common structural design, building architecture has a lot to say about how commercial roofing shall be implemented as that should always align with the design.

  • Environmental Factors

    Business establishments are the large consumer of electricity for their lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. Now in the 21st century, eco-friendly commercial roofing is a rising trend in consideration of the environmental consequences of power generation as well as the incentives that accompanies it. For one in Wichita Falls is the tax incentive for renewable energy which is implemented for the entirety of the State of Texas.

What are Different Types of Commercial Roofing?

Commercial roofing is usually of large-scale construction. While we don’t say that small space can’t be a location for businesses, it should be of no wonder that commercial complexes occupy a huge portion of land and normally has a significant vertical development.

Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, and other Multi-story multipurpose buildings are where commercial roofing is implemented. Of course, this isn’t an easy undertaking and will definitely require engineers and contractors to do the construction.

Metal Roofing

Common commercial roofing implementation is through metal roofs. Some of the huge variety of options to choose from are:

  • Corrugated Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • GI Sheets
  • Metal Alloys (Aluminum, Zinc, Tin Aggregates)
  • Metal Tile Sheets

These options are durable and have a high rating for being fire-resistant. Naturally, these materials have a strong defense against the Sun’s UV Rays and are also applied with protective layers such as felt or special types of paint to prevent rusting.

EPDM Roofing

You might agree that this could be one of, if not the most, easy maintain kinds of commercial roofing. With the Sun being very generous over the skies of Wichita Falls, EPDM of also known as Thermoset definitely a preferred option.

EPDM is a rubber material that has a long lifespan and is easy to install on building roof decks. Some of the strong points that this type of commercial roof has are its strong resistance to UV, Ozone, Chemicals such as solvents and acids, its flexibility in temperature extremes, and its reflective properties which ultimately help property owners to reduce their energy consumption for cooling.

Green Roofing

Gaining popularity today is the implementation of Green Roofing which is done by introducing vegetation on mid and high-rise establishments. Aside from the aesthetics, this commercial roofing is one of the eco-friendly ways to keep the temperature on concretes jungles at a manageable level.

Energy Generating Roofing

Why not harness the Sun when it’s shining and at the same time have the building visitors covered? Solar Panels as roofing has become a trend in commercial establishments as it hits not just two, but three birds with one stone. How so? PV Cells, whilst absorbent of light from the Sun are somewhat reflective and can be arranged to be aesthetic to a modern-designed building, and at the same time, these can generate electricity which could be enough to cover all power demands of the property. Imagine that is your commercial roofing.

Commercial Roofing in Wichita Falls

You might be planning your roofing implementation for your commercial property and so, we hope that you’ve learned something about commercial roofing. Check out our other topics about roof construction and keep posted on our upcoming articles tailor-fit for the people of Wichita Falls.

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